Broadband networks made easy and secure!

Our broadband network products have created value for more than 100 satisfied customers around Europe and 10 years of activity in the field. If you need to reduce headaches at work, improve the security of your system and at the same time keep a tight budget, check out our products and choose the one that fits your company the most. We are known for providing cost-saving solutions, excellent delivery times, flexible and, above all, quality products.

Why should you use our products?

PeakOptical’s products ensure that you can connect your existing broadband network to any type of devices to expand or repair your system. Our WEEE compliant manufacturing system and our ISO 9001:2000 certified parts are made to be adaptable and compatible with leading OEM’s so you can get the best from both. We are customizing offers for everyone so that it can fit their current needs and in the eventuality that someone needs a special product, we do our best to come up with the greatest solution. We have been honoring our customers, especially our long-term ones, and we strive to find new, fruitful and lasting partners so we can mutually grow.

How can we help you?

With our 3000 part catalog, we can offer you any type of device needed. We can provide you with one of the fastest delivery time (under a week), alongside our industry-leading Limited-lifetime Warranty. We can help you build your network, with our skilled personnel, aiding you with your purchase and processing of the requests.

What can we offer?

We offer a large variety of products, including transceivers, media converters, fiber optics patch cords and WDM’s. You can pick with confidence products such as SFP-10G-LRM, CWDM-SFP-1510, and CWDM-SFP-1470, as we can immediately replace them for you. We also offer discounts, for both new and long-term clients. Your broadband network is the most important element for us. That’s why we want you to feel that your data is protected and carried in a fast way.


Give us a call at +45 7070 2890 to find out more about our products and how we can help you achieve your dream network. Or you can just leave us your work phone and we’ll give you a call.


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December 17, 2018

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