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We carry a complete product matrix within this segment, fully compatible with the leading manufacturers.

Product Categories

Broad product offer

PeakOptical’s product portfolio includes high-quality optical transceivers, xWDM multiplex solutions, storage connectivity solutions, ethernet media converters and fiber optical cables.



One of the central goals of our product offering is flexibility. We design our transceivers to fully function in the majority of network environments, in order to give our clients the freedom to set up their networks in a way that works best for their companies demands


The CWDM and DWDM solutions open countless opportunities to scale broadband environments where the number of fibers might create limitations. With today’s technology, it is possible to achieve 400Gb/s over a single fiber. Our clients are able to get a significant amount of capacity out of their existing connections.

Broad product range

PeakOptical transceivers product line includes from the classics 100, 155 & 622Mb/s and 1,2,4 & 8Gb/s, to the more advanced ones of 100 & 400G/s. Next to that, we make available a broad list of fiber optic patch cords, both single-mode and multimode.

Our Products​

Our dedication to quality gives our customers the confidence to implement our products in some of the most demanding, high-profile network environments worldwide. All our fiber optic is manufactured within ISO 9001:2000 certified environments as well as meeting the latest WEEE directives.

Our greatest advantages

Reduce the cost but not the quality

When using our products in the design, maintenance, and expansion of your optical network, you get high-quality optical connections at exceptionally affordable prices. You get to save up to 75 % compared to the OEMs without compromising the quality.

We keep up with the trends and your needs

We keep up to date with the latest improvements in the fiber optic market and we make it possible for the latest technologies to reach our customers. At the same time, we offer individualized services to all our customers, adapted to their network needs.

Get the market’s best guarantee

All our products are backed up by our industry-leading warranty program. Our warranty program covers exchange for a new or remanufactured product by a defect in the product life. Lifetime warranty is defined as the end-of-life (EOL) date + additional 5 years.

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“It’s a great relief that you no longer need to design your network by price but by need.”

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