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Our story

PeakOptical A/S is a Danish manufacturer of fiber-optical components. We carry a complete product matrix within this segment, fully compatible with the leading manufacturers. Our portfolio includes 
media convertersxWDM solutions and fiber optic patch cords.

PeakOptical is recognized as a quality brand, chosen by a wide selection of customers ranging from small businesses to enterprise companies. From our facilities in Denmark, we are serving customers worldwide – our domestic market being represented in distribution by ALSO and Lemvigh-Müller.

All our products are manufactured within ISO 9001:2000 certified environments as well as meeting the latest WEEE directives.

Customers reviews

“We’re quite satisfied with these transceivers. We appreciate the fact that they can be used with a variety of hardware because this cross-platform compatibility gives us a great deal of flexibility. Also I would have to say that it is a high quality product. It’s very rare that they break down. In fact, I can’t remember that it ever happened.”
Jan Ferré
Network Caretaker, National Agency for It and Learning
”We recommend a partnership with PeakOptical, it is good for your business and for your customers. Since we started promoting PeakOptical in 2010, we have serviced several large local governments with Transceivers, making their IT budgets last longer.”

Thomas Grønne
CEO, Credocom A/S
When selling complex and high-end networking configurations from blue chip manufacturers, it is a key element to our competitiveness that we can equip the switches with PeakOptical transceivers. Also it gives our customers across the world the advantage of significant cost reductions without compromising the quality.
Ralf B. Erlandsen
Networking Specialist, Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S
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