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“We’re quite satisfied with these transceivers. We appreciate the fact that they can be used with a variety of hardware because this cross-platform compatibility gives us a great deal of flexibility. Also I would have to say that it is a high quality product. It’s very rare that they break down. In fact, I can’t remember that it ever happened.”

Jan Ferré

Network Caretaker, National Agency for It and Learning

PeakOptical has been in business for 10 years now and is considered a serious alternative to leading OEM’s. We have been providing products to companies all around the world, supplying the best quality and excellent services. With our experience in the field, we provide a 3000 part catalog where you can choose from our optical transceivers, fiber patch cords, media converters, and wavelength division multiplexers to suit your needs.


Why should you pick us?

Our passion for offering simple and adaptable solutions has been translated into our products and into our collaborations. We make network simple and easy to repair and to upgrade, with parts available for almost all needs. You don’t need to change your whole system, our devices fit into every structure. Our desire to take on every challenge has made us work with important clients such as the Municipality of Elsinore, the National Agency for IT and Learning, the Naevsted Municipality and Vodafone, just to name a few. With over 100 clients, we proud ourselves with the quality and adaptability of our products offered at affordable prices.


How can we help you?

We offer you our industry leading Limited-Lifetime Warranty, which means you get our devices earlier than we get your defective ones. Our Limited-Lifetime Warranty provides you with end-of-lifetime plus an additional 5 years of warranty of the product. Alongside this, a skilled team of operators can help you pick the necessary parts for your system, and even on a tight budget, we can find a solution for your company. We handle our own packaging and we ensure a fast delivery time.


What can we offer?

We offer a 3000 part catalog adaptable with leading OEM’s products, with discounts for both new and long-time customers. Our devices are compatible with Cisco, HP, Fujitsu and other major manufacturers. Because your network is the most important element for us, we customize our products and offers according to your needs. We have been serving our partners for a long time and we strive to find companies that share our commitment to create lasting, fruitful and powerful collaborations.


Call us at +45 70 70 28 90 or email us at info@peakoptical.com to find out more about our catalog and offers. Similarly, you can allow us to contact you, while also getting a small infographic about our company.

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