Test & Measurement

PeakOptical test and measurements products are specially designed to ensure a fast and accurate inspection and characterization of the fiber optic components in your fiber optic network.

Ideal for identifying breakpoints, poor connections, bending or cracking in fiber optic cables, as well as finding other faults, our accessories offer a quick and accurate testing solution on both Single Mode and Multimode fibers.

Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement
PVFL-JW3105QFJW3105Q 1,5 mm Universal Fiber Fault Locator. LC & MU Connectors.
PVFL-JW3105PFJW3105P 2,5 mm Universal Fiber Fault Locator. SC, ST, E2000 & FC Connectors
PFMM-JW5005FJW5005 Field Fiber Microscope
POFR-JW3304NFJW3304A Optical Fiber Ranger
PFCC-FVM100FFVM100 Optical Inspection Probe
PTOLT-JW3116FJW3116 Adjustable Light Source
POTDR-JW33002FJW3002F Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
PTPWR-JW3234CFJW3234C Mini Optical Power Meter
PTPWR-JW3216AFJW3216A Optical Power Meter
PTPWR-JW3216CFJW3216C Optical Power Meter
POTDR-JW3302FJW3302F Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
POTDR-BXx-PSS-16FOTDR Launch Box, LC/LC, SM, x=length
POTDR-BXx-PSS-04FOTDR Launch Box, SC/LC, SM, x=length
POTDR-BX-PSS-01FOTDR Launch Box, SC/SC, SM, x=length
POTDR-BX-MS-16FOTDR Launch Box, LC/LC, OM1, x=length
POTDR-BX-MS-04FOTDR Launch Box, SC/LC, OM1, x=length
POTDR-BX-MS-01FOTDR Launch Box, SC/SC, OM1, x=length
POTDR-BX-SO4-16FOTDR Launch Box, LC/LC, OM4, x=length
POTDR-BX-SO4-04FOTDR Launch Box, SC/LC, OM4, x=length
POTDR-BX-SO4-01FOTDR Launch Box, SC/SC, OM4, x=length

"By now many end users and resellers have recognised that using compatible accessories not produced by original manufacturers, such as optical transceivers, OEM memory and cables, can yield great savings. Especially compatible optical transceivers now see great acceptance in Europe."

Daniel Kühne

Partner, B.A., Spree Fiber GmbH

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