Do you know what advantages of fiber optic might benefit your business? Fiber optics made it possible to transmit information around the world in a matter of seconds. Compared to copper cable, the information is being transmitted faster and its quality is not altered.

Hair-thin strands of glass or plastic fiber are used to send light signals. The light travels to the core, the center of the fiber optic. The core is surrounded by the cladding, an optical material that traps in the core, using the “total internal reflection” technique. A primary buffer coating protects the fiber from moisture or other damage. The level of protection is strengthened by the cable, which holds the fiber and the strength members inside and it is covered by a jacket.

Here are a few advantages of fiber optic cables that will make you change your entire network infrastructure.

  • In the case of the traditional broadband Internet, the signal degrades as the user moves away from the switch. When it comes to fiber optic, the signal strength does not decrease as quickly over distance. This feature of the fiber optic internet connection can be a “life savior” if the workspaces are located at a significant distance from the telecommunication room. Fiber Optic internet connectivity ranges from 5 Mbs to 100 Gbps and is faster than the fastest copper internet connection. During peak hours, when everyone accesses the internet, your business should not notice the internet slowing down.
  • Sending electrical signals through copper wires requires using a lot of energy, while the amount of energy needed to send a brief flash of light over the same distance via fiber optical cabling is twelve times smaller. Lower energy requirements mean lower carbon footprint and lower price of operation.
  • Fiber internet connectivity is much stronger than the copper internet, it is not affected by weather conditions, and it is resistant to human or electrical interference. Unreliable internet connections can prove to be costly in the long run. Unplanned downtime can slow down the company’s communication and productivity. It is believed that “slow internet connections cost employees one week/year of productivity”. So just imagine how a fast, reliable and strong internet connection will improve the productivity of your business!
  • Fiber optic is a long-run investment. Because of the low cost of maintenance, the prices of any other additional products you might need in time, and the benefits that optical fiber can bring to your company, investing in fiber optic patch cords is going to reduce payments in the long-run, provide you with the best quality.

If you decide your business needs optical fiber, get in touch with PeakOptical.

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