Do you ever wonder why everyone keeps insisting that fiber optic is the best solution when it comes to Internet connectivity? How will it improve your company’s overall activity and performance?


Even if the Fiber Optic Internet technology is relatively new, many businesses have found higher returns on their investment in fiber than in broadband or copper cable. Fiber optic connectivity suits businesses of all sizes, particularly the organizations that use the cloud for data storage or apps.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Read on to find out how fiber optic internet connectivity helps your business.

  1. It has great speed

It is a known fact that slow internet connections cost employees one week/year of productivity, so why risk it? Fiber Optic internet connectivity that ranges from 5 Mbs to 100 Gbps is faster than the fastest copper internet connection. During peak hours, when everyone accesses the internet, your business should not notice the internet slowing down.

  1. Symmetric speed

Symmetric speed can be defined as the equal upload and download times on an Internet connection. Fiber optic internet guarantees your employees will benefit from this feature. While symmetric speed is not a crucial must for business operations, nowadays employees tend to multitask at all times. They will upload content (videos, files, images), or make phone calls while downloading content.  Most likely you will need to accommodate heavy demands on downloads and uploads simultaneously.

  1. It is reliable

Fiber internet connectivity is much stronger than the copper internet, it is not affected by the weather conditions, and it is resistant to human or electrical interference. Unreliable internet connections can prove to be costly in the long run. Unplanned downtime can slow down the company’s communication and productivity.

  1. Cloud access

Nowadays, the cloud is an important tool used in the business world. 82% of the organizations around the world are using the cloud in some manner. The speed and the bandwidth of fiber optic internet give faster access to your data and applications in the cloud.

  1. Stronger signal strength

In the case of the traditional broadband Internet, the signal degrades as the user moves away from the switch. When it comes to fiber optic, the signal strength does not decrease as quickly over distance. This feature of the fiber optic internet connection can be a “life savior” if the workspaces are located at a significant distance from the telecommunication room.

  1. It is safe

Due to cable tapping or other quite simple methods, information thieves can gain access your business’ internet cable easily. If you want your company’s information to remain safe, fiber optic is your solution. The only way to penetrate the fiber optic internet is to physically cut the fibers.

  1. Let’s make some money!

Remember what we said earlier: “slow internet connections cost employees one week/year of productivity”? Just imagine how a fast, reliable and strong internet connection will improve the productivity of your business!


Let’s talk FiberOptics. PeakOptical carries a complete product matrix within this segment, fully compatible with the leading manufacturers. Our portfolio includes transceivers, media converters, xWDM solutions and fiber optic patch cords. Contact our team today!



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