PeakOptical wave division multiplexers are designed to deliver cost effective high quality solutions for storage area networks and datacenter fiber trunks. With our preconfigured CWDM and DWDM multiplexers we can meet most general requirements. Should you however have more specialized needs like 30+ channel DWDM solutions to boost transmission on existing fiber connections, please contact us for a quote.

DWDM Multiplexers

P/NConnectorWavelengthsSupervisory portModel
4 channels
PDW3045-xxLCxx = ITU-T Grid variableNoABS Desktop
PDW3345-xxLCxx = ITU-T Grid variableYesABS Desktop
PDW3345-xx-RLCxx = ITU-T Grid variableYes19" Rack mountable
PDW3345-xx-IRLCxx = ITU-T Grid variableYesSilver Cabinet
8 channels
PDW3085-xxLCxx = ITU-T Grid variableNoABS Desktop
PDW3385-xxLCxx = ITU-T Grid variableYesABS Desktop
PDW3385-xx-RLCxx = ITU-T Grid variableYes19" Rack mountable
PDW3385-xx-IRLCxx = ITU-T Grid variableYesSilver Cabinet
16 channels
PDW30165-xxLCxx = ITU-T Grid variableNoABS Desktop
PDW33165-xxLCxx = ITU-T Grid variableYesABS Desktop
PDW33165-xx-RLCxx = ITU-T Grid variableYes19" Rack mountable
PDW33165-xx-IRLCxx = ITU-T Grid variableYesSilver Cabinet

“Naestved Municipality has been using PeakOptical transceivers since 2010. We are happy with both the quality and price, and in most cases we receive a next day delivery. The 1G and 10G modules we use, simply get the job done in our HP and Cisco switches.”

Michael Stenberg

Network administrator, Naestved Municipality

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