Tool Kits

From tools that are suitable for the general use during fiber optic installation, to inspection and cleaning kits, PeakOptical tool kits are designed with your network in mind.

Our inspection and maintenance tools can test the output power, identify the long and short distance fault locations, connect the cables and much more. PeakOptical kits are suitable for cleaning and inspecting the fiber end faces,  including Fiber Patch Cords, Bulkhead connections/In-adaptor ferrules and fibers in preparation for splicing applications.

Tool Kits

Tool Kits
PTOOL-JW5001FJW5001 Optical Cable Emergency Tool Kit
PTOOL-JW5002NFJW5002N Fiber Inspection & Cleaning Kit
PTOOL-JW5003FJW5003 Cable Inspection & Maintenance Tool Kit

"By now many end users and resellers have recognised that using compatible accessories not produced by original manufacturers, such as optical transceivers, OEM memory and cables, can yield great savings. Especially compatible optical transceivers now see great acceptance in Europe."

Daniel Kühne

Partner, B.A., Spree Fiber GmbH

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