QSFP transceivers are available with a variety of transmitter and receiver types, allowing users to select the appropriate transceiver for each link to provide the required optical reach over the available optical fiber type (e.g. multi-mode fiber or single-mode fiber). Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable modules are commonly available in several different categories:

4 x 4Gb/s (QSFP), 4 x 10Gb/s (QSFP+), 4 x 14Gb/s (QSFP14) & 4 x 28Gb/s (QSFP28)

Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable

SR4PQSFP-3831MFMM850 nm100 mMPO-12Yes
SR-BiDi *PQSFP-0809-01F *MM *832 nm-918 nm *150 m *LC *Yes *
CSR4PQSFP-3311MFMM850 nm300 mMPO-12Yes
IR4PQSFP-2311SFSM1310 nm2 kmMPO-12Yes
LR4PQSFP-2321SFSM1310 nm10 kmLCYes
LR4PQSFP4-2321SFSM1310 nm10 kmMPO-12Yes
ER4PQSFP-1321SFSM1310 nm40 kmLCYes
DAC/Twinax (passive)PQSFP-TxCopperx = variableQSFP+ to QSFP+No
DAC/Twinax (active)PQSFP-ATxCopperx = variableQSFP+ to QSFP+No
DAC (active)PQSFP-AOCxFiberx = variableQSFP+ to QSFP+No
DAC/Twinax (passive)PQSFP4-TxCopperx = variableQSFP+ to 4x SFP+No
DAC/Twinax (active)PQSFP4-ATxCopperx = variableQSFP+ to 4x SFP+No
DAC (active)PQSFP4-AOCxFiberx = variableQSFP+ to 4x SFP+No
*) Release: 2022 (TBC)
SR4PQSFP28-3831MFMM850 nm100 mMPO-12Yes
LR4PQSFP28-2321SFSM1295.56-1309.14 nm10 kmLCYes
LR4+PQSFP28-5321SFSM1295.56-1309.14 nm20 kmLCYes
ER4PQSFP28-1541SFSM40 kmLCYes
DAC/Twinax (passive)PQSFP284-TxCopperx = variableQSFP28 to 4x SFP28No
DAC/Twinax (passive)PQSFP28-TxCopperx = variableQSFP28 to QSFP28No
DAC (active)PQSFP28-AOCxFiberx = variableQSFP28 to QSFP28No

”When selling complex and high-end networking configurations from blue chip manufacturers, it is a key element to our competitiveness that we can equip the switches with PeakOptical transceivers.

Also it gives our customers across the world the advantage of significant cost reductions without compromising the quality. Ultimately it brings a much better ROI, which makes sense in today’s market."

Ralf B. Erlandsen

Networking Specialist, Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S

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