PeakOptical offers a wide selection of fiber optic protection solutions designed for any application’s needs.  Our Splice Protectors, Dust Caps, and Rubber Plugs aim for or a durable protection and a longer usability of the fiber optic products in your network.


PSFP-RUBFBlack SFP Rubber Plug
PX2-RUBFBlack X2/XENPAK Rubber Plug
PGBIC-RUBFBlack GBIC Rubber Plug
PFCAP-200-16FPeakOptical Dust Cap, Fiber End Cap, LC Connectors, 200 pieces
PCCAP-200-16FPeakOptical Dust Cap, Connector Cap, LC Connectors, 200 pieces
PFCAP-200-21FPeakOptical Dust Cap, Fiber End Cap, MU Connectors, 200 pieces
PFCAP-200-03FPeakOptical Dust Cap, Fiber End Cap, SC, ST & FC Connectors, 200 pieces
QTPG-FOSP-HTxxPeakOptical Fiber Optic Splice Protector
xx = length in mm.

"By now many end users and resellers have recognised that using compatible accessories not produced by original manufacturers, such as optical transceivers, OEM memory and cables, can yield great savings. Especially compatible optical transceivers now see great acceptance in Europe."

Daniel Kühne

Partner, B.A., Spree Fiber GmbH

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