The GBIC standard is non-proprietary and is defined by the Small Form Factor committee in document number 8053i. The first publication of the proposal was in November 1995. They are commonly used with Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel applications.

Gigabit Interface Converter

1000BASE-SX PGBIC-38315MFMM850 nm500 mSCNo
1000BASE-LXPGBIC-33115SFSM1310 nm15 kmSCNo
1000BASE-EX PGBIC-13215SFSM1310 nm40 kmSCNo
1000BASE-ZX PGBIC-15215SFSM1550 nm70 kmSCNo
1000BASE-ZX PGBIC-05715SFSM1550 nm100 kmSCNo
Bi-diPWTR-24-3xx116143FSMxx = variable10 kmSCNo
Bi-diPWTR-24-3xx216143FSMxx = variable10 kmSCNo
Bi-diPWTR-24-1xx216143FSMxx = variable40 kmSCNo
CWDMPCGBC-24-1xx152FSMxx = variable70 kmSCNo
CWDMPCGBC-24-0xx152FSMxx = variable100 kmSCNo

”When selling complex and high-end networking configurations from blue chip manufacturers, it is a key element to our competitiveness that we can equip the switches with PeakOptical transceivers.

Also it gives our customers across the world the advantage of significant cost reductions without compromising the quality. Ultimately it brings a much better ROI, which makes sense in today’s market."

Ralf B. Erlandsen

Networking Specialist, Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S

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