PeakOptical wave division multiplexers are designed to deliver cost-effective high-quality solutions for storage area networks and datacenter fiber trunks. With our preconfigured CWDM and DWDM multiplexers we can meet most general requirements. Should you, however, have more specialized needs like 30+ channel DWDM solutions to boost transmission on existing fiber connections, please contact us for a quote.

CWDM Multiplexers

P/NConnectorWavelengthsSupervisory portModel
4 channels
PCW3041-47SC/UPC1470-1530 nmNoABS Desktop
PCW3045-47LC/UPC1470-1530 nmNoABS Desktop
PCW3046-47SC/APC1470-1530 nmNoABS Desktop
PCW3049-47LC/APC1470-1530 nmNoABS Desktop
PCW3341-47SC/UPC1470-1530 nm1310 nmABS Desktop
PCW3345-47LC/UPC1470-1530 nm1310 nmABS Desktop
PCW3346-47SC/APC1470-1530 nm1310 nmABS Desktop
PCW3349-47LC/APC1470-1530 nm1310 nmABS Desktop
PCW3341-47-RSC/UPC1470-1530 nm1310 nm19" Rack mountable
PCW3345-47-RLC/UPC1470-1530 nm1310 nm19" Rack mountable
PCW3346-47-RSC/APC1470-1530 nm1310 nm19" Rack mountable
PCW3349-47-RLC/APC1470-1530 nm1310 nm19" Rack mountable
PCW3341-47-IRSC/UPC1470-1530 nm1310 nmSilver Cabinet
PCW3345-47-IRLC/UPC1470-1530 nm1310 nmSilver Cabinet
PCW3346-47-IRSC/APC1470-1530 nm1310 nmSilver Cabinet
PCW3349-47-IRLC/APC1470-1530 nm1310 nmSilver Cabinet
8 channels
PCDM-8-M/D-47-8-RFLC1470-1610 nmNo19" Rack mountable, Cisco compatible
PCW3081-47SC/UPC1470-1610 nmNoABS Desktop
PCW3085-47LC/UPC1470-1610 nmNoABS Desktop
PCW3086-47SC/APC1470-1610 nmNoABS Desktop
PCW3089-47LC/APC1470-1610 nmNoABS Desktop
PCW3381-47SC/UPC1470-1610 nm1310 nmABS Desktop
PCW3385-47LC/UPC1470-1610 nm1310 nmABS Desktop
PCW3386-47SC/APC1470-1610 nm1310 nmABS Desktop
PCW3389-47LC/APC1470-1610 nm1310 nmABS Desktop
PCW3381-47-RSC/UPC1470-1610 nm1310 nm19" Rack mountable
PCW3385-47-RLC/UPC1470-1610 nm1310 nm19" Rack mountable
PCW3386-47-RSC/APC1470-1610 nm1310 nm19" Rack mountable
PCW3389-47-RLC/APC1470-1610 nm1310 nm19" Rack mountable
PCW3381-47-IRSC/UPC1470-1610 nm1310 nmSilver Cabinet
PCW3385-47-IRLC/UPC1470-1610 nm1310 nmSilver Cabinet
PCW3386-47-IRSC/APC1470-1610 nm1310 nmSilver Cabinet
PCW3389-47-IRLC/APC1470-1610 nm1310 nmSilver Cabinet
16 channels
PCW30161-27SC/UPC1270-1610 nmNoABS Desktop
PCW30165-27LC/UPC1270-1610 nmNoABS Desktop
PCW30166-27SC/APC1270-1610 nmNoABS Desktop
PCW30169-27LC/APC1270-1610 nmNoABS Desktop
PCW33161-27SC/UPC1270-1610 nm1310 nmABS Desktop
PCW33165-27LC/UPC1270-1610 nm1310 nmABS Desktop
PCW33166-27SC/APC1270-1610 nm1310 nmABS Desktop
PCW33169-27LC/APC1270-1610 nm1310 nmABS Desktop
PCW33161-27-RSC/UPC1270-1610 nm1310 nm19" Rack mountable
PCW33165-27-RLC/UPC1270-1610 nm1310 nm19" Rack mountable
PCW33166-27-RSC/APC1270-1610 nm1310 nm19" Rack mountable
PCW33169-27-RLC/APC1270-1610 nm1310 nm19" Rack mountable
PCW33161-27-IRSC/UPC1270-1610 nm1310 nmSilver Cabinet
PCW33165-27-IRLC/UPC1270-1610 nm1310 nmSilver Cabinet
PCW33166-27-IRSC/APC1270-1610 nm1310 nmSilver Cabinet
PCW33169-27-IRLC/APC1270-1610 nm1310 nmSilver Cabinet

”When selling complex and high-end networking configurations from blue chip manufacturers, it is a key element to our competitiveness that we can equip the switches with PeakOptical transceivers.

Also it gives our customers across the world the advantage of significant cost reductions without compromising the quality. Ultimately it brings a much better ROI, which makes sense in today’s market."

Ralf B. Erlandsen

Networking Specialist, Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S

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