Make sure you keep your connectors, cables, and other fiber optic components clean for a flawless functionality, faster transmission rates, and higher bandwidth.

While it might look like an easy task to do,  a simple cloth is not enough for an effective cleaning. Specialized products that have the ability not only to clean your network but also to protect it are required. PeakOptical offers a variety of cleaning tools and kits that are designed to meet the specific application needs.


PFCC-B-125F1,25 mm Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner. LC & MU Connectors
PFCC-B-250F2,5 mm Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner. SC, ST, E2000 & FC Connectors
PFCC-JW5006FJW5006 Fiber Connector Cleaner (QAM Cleaner)
PFCC-A-KITFiber Optic Cleaning Kit, FVM100 Inspection Probe
QFCC-SWABSPeakOptical Cotton Cleaning Swabs, IPA 99%, 50 pieces in box
PFCC-B-KITFiber Optic Cleaning Kit, CleanAir C&N
PFCC-CRC14085Duster™ Aerosol Dust Removal System, 8 Wt Oz (US-market only)

"By now many end users and resellers have recognised that using compatible accessories not produced by original manufacturers, such as optical transceivers, OEM memory and cables, can yield great savings. Especially compatible optical transceivers now see great acceptance in Europe."

Daniel Kühne

Partner, B.A., Spree Fiber GmbH

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