The C Form-factor Pluggable is a MSA-standard transceiver developed for 100Gb/s Ethernet applications.
Since 2009 the CFP has evolved into the CFP2 and CFP4 standards, which are 1/2 and 1/4 respectively the size of the original specification. CFPs are currently manufactured in these categories:

10 x 10Gb/s (CFP, CFP2 & CFP4), 4 x 25Gb/s (CFP, CFP2 & CFP4), 8 x 25Gb/s (CFP2) & 8 x 50Gb/s (CFP2).

In 2015 a new CFP8 specification was proposed, supporting data rates of 16 x 25Gb/s, 8 x 50Gb/s & 4 x 100Gb/s.

C Form-factor Pluggable

SR4PCFP40-3831MFMM850 nm150 mMPO-12Yes
FRPCFP40-1511SFSM1550 nm2 kmLCYes
LR4PCFP40-2321SFSM1310 nm10 kmLCYes
SR10PCFP-3831MFMM850 nm150 mMPO-24Yes
LR4PCFP-2321SFSM1310 nm10 kmLCYes
LRL4PCFP-3211SFSM1271-1331 nm2 kmLCYes
ER4PCFP-1321SFSM1310 nm40 kmLCYes
SR10PCFP2-3831MFMM850 nm150 mMPO-24Yes
LR4PCFP2-2321SFSM1310 nm10 kmLCYes
ER4PCFP2-1321SFSM1310 nm40 kmLCYes
SR10PCFP4-3831MFMM850 nm150 mMPO-24Yes
LR4PCFP4-2321SFSM1310 nm10 kmLCYes
LRL4PCFP4-3211SFSM1271-1331 nm2 kmLCYes
ER4PCFP4-1321SFSM1310 nm40 kmLCYes

“Naestved Municipality has been using PeakOptical transceivers since 2010. We are happy with both the quality and price, and in most cases we receive a next day delivery. The 1G and 10G modules we use, simply get the job done in our HP and Cisco switches.”

Michael Stenberg

Network administrator, Naestved Municipality

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