Ever wondered how our bodies work like well-orchestrated symphonies of electrical signals? From our heartbeats to the movements of our muscles, it’s all thanks to these tiny electric messengers. Now, picture this: a biodegradable optical cable that can help doctors understand and monitor these signals better, and it’s all thanks to seaweed!

Agar-Based Wonder

This optical fiber is transparent, flexible, edible, and renewable, made from agar, sourced from red algae. Agar has the ability to conduct electricity sets it apart.

Health Detectives at Your Service

Imagine this cable as a health detective. It can spot tiny electrical signals, even tinier than what your smartphone charger uses – it detects currents as subtle as 100μA. It could monitor brain or muscle stimuli non-invasively. It’s moldable into optical devices and biodegradable.

A Brighter, Greener Tomorrow

Right now, this cable is in the early stages of research, but it holds so much promise. It might lead us to more eco-friendly and efficient ways of taking care of our health.

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