The prices of fiber optics have skyrocketed since 2019 due to great demand and shortages in materials. Among the affected territories, Europe, India, and China will face difficult situations regarding the optical infrastructures.

The pandemic period has caused a rise in demand for data services and internet, influencing big companies to bulk up and increase their supply. Combining this with the governmental ambitions to implement 5G networks, fiber optics becomes now a crucial element in the global infrastructure for communication and information.

Since its demand rises by 8% every year, the current economical global status, the shortages of helium from Russian plants, and the doubling of prices of tetrachloride are making it difficult for manufacturers to produce enough to sustain the general demand.

The giant manufacturers, such as Corning, are producing more fiber in this period, but are also confronting with an uncertain situation. Smaller manufacturers have to plan much more carefully and expect their deliveries to be delayed for more than a couple of months.

Simon Hashford of UKCloud says: “supply shortages and long lead times make capacity planning a problem and thus introduce another complexity”. Fortunately, since the price has been fluctuating for different countries, this is considered to be a hiccup in the overall scheme of the prices of fiber optics.

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