The digital needs of people around the world are constantly increasing and with new technologies such as VR, 4K HD videos, or webcasts, their expectations grow even more. The fiber optic field keeps up with the market demands and has developed the QSFP56 Transceiver Modules to provide 200G applications and higher transmission speeds.

First things first – What is QSFP?

QSFP stands for Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable and is equipped with four lanes of 4 different wavelengths. It is widely used to connect network switches, computers, servers, and many other communication systems.

First, we had the 40G QSFP, then the 100G QSFP and we used them for high density applications. But as the traffic in data centers increased, the need to expand the fiber optic technologies to reach higher speeds was observed. Now we have the 200G QSFP56.

200G applications and QSFP56 transceivers

QSFP56 are identical to QSFP in matters of size and form factor, however it tops it by providing the top data rate of 50Gb/s on each channel. QSFP56 is compatible with the previous QSFP standards and it is a cost effective way to update the data center system design.

Communication specialists forecast that QSFP56 transceivers are one of the most competitive products in fiber optic field, due to its strong processing capabilities. They are a key element in the development and upgrade of the next generation switches, as the density of their front panel would be doubled.

If you need additional information about the QSFP56 or if you request our support in selecting the right components for your fiber network, don’t think twice and get in touch.

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