Looking for the solution to an Eco-Friendly Network? Lately, the issue of Climate Change was broadly discussed. And while it is clear as water that the advancements in technology really revolutionized the world we live in, all these are worthless if our Planet doesn’t have the strength to accommodate our way of living any longer. This is why an eco-friendly network solution needed to be put in place.

Fiber optics is one of the main eco-friendly available technologies. Not only that fiber can deliver safer, faster internet with higher bandwidth, but it also has the capacity to provide greener IT solutions.

Here’s how:

1. Fiber optic cables have the ability to save energy, unlike other types of wires. Coaxial cables require up to 3.5 watts to transmit light pulses over 100 meters, while fiber optic consumes only 1 watt for the same action. Lasser power consumption has a smaller carbon dioxide emission and heat generation.

2. Coaxial cables contain copper; no surprise here. But did you know that copper extraction puts a high risk of contamination to the environment? It has been previously demonstrated that copper mining has affected vegetation and water bodies in such a way that they can no longer support life. Fiber optics are made of Silicon Dioxide that is the most abundant principal component after Oxygen. Moreover, the extraction method of silicon is eco-friendly as well.

3. Fiber optic also has the capability to support sustainable architectures. If your LAN (local area network) has a good fiber optic network in place, and with the help of its high bandwidth will enable you to put together a network that reduces energy consumption and minimizes the materials needed in the future.

4. Last, let’s compare the rate of repairs of fiber optics with copper wires. Fiber optic items need 50% less repairs than the latter. The businesses that implemented fiber optic networks lowered considerably the costs of maintenance and manufacturing.  Even more, fiber optics is not affected by weathe (moisture, high temperature or freezng) and electrical interference. 

Let us help you become eco-friendly with your network needs. Check our products page and let us know how can we help. 

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