LX.5 fiber optic components are now available with PeakOptical. LX.5 are high performance connectors that offer twice the density of SC’s and meet the highest standards in excellence in the design and manufacturing processes.  The products respect the IEC 61754-23 and TIA 604-13 standards and are RoHS/REACH compliant.

LX.5 are compact and small and, at the same time, offer the advantage of E-2000™. They are used in aplications where the density is high.

Being based on the 1.25 mm ferrule technology and due to their automatic metal shutter, they are the only standardized small factor connectors that equally cover reliability, high performance, safety and high packing density. The integrated shutter system protects the end face from any contamination or damage that could happen during the installation. The high precision of the ferrules technology guarantees an augmented level of performance and reliability. Due to the connectors’ smooth body, LX.5 help to avoid tangling the cables and keep a robust connection without sacrificing any space.


  • Removable color coding of connectors
  • Metal shutter
  • Suitable for high power applications
  • For 0.6 mm tuber and cables up to 2.4 mm
  • Snap-in locking element for secure handling
  • High mechanical and thermal resistance

Best used in:

  • Telecommunication network
  • Transmission technology
  • LAN and inhouse cabling
  • Fiber-To-Home
  • Railways

For any additional information and quotations, feel free to contact our team via email, on info@peakoptical.com. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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