We are pleased to announce the launch of the OM5 patch cord,  the newest type of multimode fiber for high-speed data center applications. 

As the demands for speed and performance are constantly growing, OM5 cabling was designed to benefit the data center and to meet the bandwidth challenges. OM5 fiber is optimized for short division multiplexing and supports at least four wavelengths in the 850-950nm range.

It enables optimal support of merging SWDM (Shortwave Wavelength Division Multiplexing) applications that reduce parallel fiber count by at least a factor of four, to allow continued use of just two fibers for transmitting 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s and reduced fiber counts for higher speeds.

The main advantages of OM5

Distance – OM5 can extend its reach to 150m.

Compatibility – The cabling is designed to support all the applications at least as well as OM4 and is fulling compatible with both OM3 and OM4. OM5 is also compatible with the legacy applications that already exist in the data center infrastructures.

Cost  – compared to single mode cables, multimode fibers are more price-friendly. Moreover, as we mentioned earlier, OM5 supports the emerging of SWDM applications which reduce the number of fibers needed for high-speed transmission from eight to two.


We make sure that PeakOptical products are up to date and incorporate the industry latest upgrades and improvements. OM5 patch cords are now available on our website. Take a look and contact our team for professional assistance.

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