California access device start-up Tibit Communications has announced the availability of what is billed as the world’s first fully pluggable Optical Line Terminal – OLT.

The Tibit MicroPlug™ OLT is a complete network access device for 10 Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (PON). According to Tibit, it dramatically reduces the footprint, power consumption, cost, and amount of application-specific hardware needed for network deployments.


The new OLT form factor is designed to revolutionize PON market dynamics by enabling switch vendors to easily extend their widely-deployed portfolio of 10G switch ports to support 10G PON. Tibit’s standards-based small-format pluggable (SFP+) solution reduces the physical footprint of today’s chassis-based and card-based solutions by 95% and lowers power consumption by 75%.


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* If you want to find out more about PON, make sure you check PeakOptical’s article that differentiates two of the main types of fiber optic network: Point to Point (P2P) and Passive Optical Networking (PON).


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