The fiber optic technology has been in our lives for a while now. It eases the communication and the transmission of information and it becomes more and more indispensable, especially in the business world. But have you ever thought how much has fiber optic impacted our lives over time?

It all starts with the study of light. Fiber optic is one of the most important technologies that use light. Fiber optic cables transfer the information from one end to another. One end of the fiber connects to a LED or laser that transmits information; the other end is connected to a device designed to recognize the incoming light.

The best example – a landline telephone. When someone speaks into the telephone, the voice is picked up and carried by a wire into a wall socket. A different cable transfers the voice to the interlocutor’s phone.

Here are some interesting facts:

  • the first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876;
  • the first cellphone was invented by Martin Cooper in 1993;
  • each fiber optic strand is thicker than a human hair and can carry approximately 25.000 phone calls.

Fiber optic cables made our lives easier. Fiber optic patch cords carry information over great distances in no time and in safe environments. Moreover, they are used in so many domains! These are just a few examples of how fiber optic cables can be used in the day to day life:

  • Computer networking – to boost communication speed;
  • Medical field – for surgery and dentistry;
  • Internet connection.
  • Enhancing cable TV;
  • Decorations;
  • Military and space applications – provides a reliable, safe, and fast medium for data transmission;

A reliable solution. The weather conditions do not influence the fiber optic cables conditions in any way. They remain dependable and the connectivity will not be interrupted by heat, moisture, or even lightning.

A low-cost alternative. On the long run, the overall costs of ownership, here including installation, maintenance, and usage is cheaper than other options. Fiber optic is a long-term solution which requires little maintenance. Moreover, the maintenance costs decrease over time.



PeakOptical manufactures indoor and outdoor fiber optical cables and patch cords.
Our cables are available with all commonly used terminations and in all lengths regardless of order quantity.
Our portfolio furthermore includes a wide range of spare connectors, adapters, pigtails, and attenuators.

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