Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days?

The smartphone technology is in continuous development and while it encourages fast and high-quality communication, it also makes our lives way easier. Who needs a TV when you can watch your favorite show on your phone in HD? Who still owns a GPS when it’s so comfortable just to open Maps? But did you know you could actually use your phone as a fiber optic tester?

Usually, visual fault locators, optical time-domain reflectometers or optical-loss test sets are used to test fiber optics. But if you have a phone nearby, you can test certain functions of your fiber optic with ease. Here’s how:

Use your camera

Let’s take the example of a remote control. If at some point this device fails to work, we will automatically assume that it is either out of power, or there’s something wrong with how it transmits the IR light. If changing the batteries doesn’t solve the problem, bring your phone. Some of the smartphone’s cameras out there use the infrared technology to take better pictures at night. And because the human eye cannot perceive the IR, this will help you check if the light is being transmitted properly or not. These are the steps you need to follow:

  • turn on your camera
  • point it to the remote control
  • push a random button on the remote control
  • the IR should show on your camera’s screen
Well, ok – it works on a remote control. Impressive! But how does this help with the fiber opting testing?
They both use the same principles. Let’s say you wanted to see if a fiber port was energized. Just pull out your smartphone, turn on the camera, and hold it over the port. If it is hot you will see a bluish white dot in the fiber bulkhead.

Find a good app

For many years now, smartphones are no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity. The latest technology helps you not only test the fiber optic connections easier and way faster, but it actually saves you some money. Try to find a good app and highly performant fiber test platform. By using these you get to see the data in real time (while is being collected), save the information, or share it via email or text.

What can we do?

PeakOptical A/S offers a wide range of accessories that will complement your network infrastructure. Manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 and meeting the latest WEEE directives, our products guarantee full compatibility and a high level of performance.

For any queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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