Our products give a great range of flexibility and scalability and can even replace entire network systems to offer your company the best ROI possible. Did you ever wonder what can PeakOptical’s items provide and how can you use them?


Optical transceivers

Our optical transceivers have a range of 10 different product types including CFP’s, SFP’s, X2’s and GBIC’s. They cover a wide range of switches, routers, insertion cards and many other network hardware solutions and can be used by any company out there, depending on its needs.

If your business needs high speed with high bandwidth, you can choose from our CFP’s and QSFP’s to ensure maximum capability and speeds up to 400GB/s. Smaller companies or those who require household speed can opt to choose from our SFP and SFP+ products providing up to 16 GB/s speed. And if you need to combine your copper network with fibre patches, you can always pick you GBIC transceivers, which allow a connection of 1 GB/s.

Fibre patch cords

Our fibre patch cords come in two forms: single mode (where choices are between OS2 LC-LC, SC-LC, SC-SC and other) and multimode (with choices between OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 – be it LC-LC, FC-FC, MPO/MTP or other). With single mode cables, the network system can reach higher speeds over longer distances but without the benefit of a large bandwidth. For multimode, more data can be transported over a single fibre, but at smaller speeds and distances. There are solutions for higher transfers over longer areas in the following lines.

Media converters

Media converters come in four forms: Fiber-Fiber media converters, Bi-Di fiber media converters, Auto-Sensing Ethernet media converters and Video Optical media converters.

Fibre-fibre converters allow a standard transmission: from fibre to fibre or from copper to fibre. Bi-Di converters accept transceivers that also both receive and transmit signal at the same time. Auto-Sensing media converters will automatically convert copper transmission to fibre depending on the speed of the end station. As for the Video Optical media converter, they can convert and offer reliable transmission over distances such as 20 km. The 3G-SDI optical extender automatically recognizes and transmits SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI signals, with embedded audio and metadata and is suitable for broadcasting companies, staging and HD CCTV applications. Secure, reliable and adaptable, our video-optical converter has been used in the military, medical and governmental industry.


Our three types of wavelength division multiplexers (CWDM, DWDM, and OADM) can open the possibility of scaling the broadband connection of your company. If you are reticent in regards to buying a lot of fibre, then this is the solution for your company. Combining the little fibre purchased with one of the above, you can increase your bandwidth and speed.


We hope this article helped you identify the best solution to your needs. PeakOptical’s team is always ready to assist you. Feel free to contact us.

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