We celebrate a decade of activity!


PeakOptical A/S was established in January 2008, and during 10 years of service, we were recognized as a quality brand. We were chosen by a wide selection of customers, ranging from small businesses to enterprise companies, from various industries (finance, telecommunication, broadcasting, airline, construction, etc.).

PeakOptical specializes in optical transceivers, fiber patch cords, media converters and other fiber optic accessories. Its main mission is to offer a complete product matrix, fully compatible with the leading manufacturers.

PeakOptical transceivers work in the majority of network environments and are compatible with Cisco, HP, Juniper, Zyxel, Ayaya, Brocade, Extreme, Alcatel, Allied-Telesis, Foundry, Huawei, Riverstone, Entrasys, and others.

Our storage connectivity solutions work across platforms as well, and are compatible with Brocade, Dell, EMC², Hitachi, IBM and Oracle.

The CWDM and DWDM solutions offered by us open countless opportunities to scale broadband environments where the number of fibers might create limitations.

PeakOptical allows the users to reduce the overall cost of operating optical networks or re-allocate to other more costly IT areas. All products are manufactured and delivered with a very high focus on quality and with the ambition that they should be fully functional for a lifetime. All items are manufactured within ISO 9001:2000 certified environments as well as meeting the latest WEEE directives.





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