New website delivers better customer service

With the introduction of our completely new website, PeakOptical aims to deliver the best possible service to customers and partners.
With all information being readily available on the site, it is the objective that customers should easily find even the most detailed information about our products to decide which product is right for a given situation. Also we have upgraded our partner section to enable partners a faster and better communication with PeakOptical.

Improved customer dialogue

The new site is designed to cater for our global expansion as well as designed to offer faster and easier dialogue with customers. Also it may integrate with social media in the future. By doing this we hope to bring customers even closer to PeakOptical and thereby get unfiltered information about future needs and requirements. Through this more direct communication with customers in the future we hope to be faster to adopt to changing needs and new demands and thereby remain the preferred supplier for a lot of great companies who care both about their IT Infrastructure and their IT cost.

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