We are happy to announce, that SpreeFiber GmbH has been joined our family as Platinum Partner in Germany. Please see their presentation for further information (in German)

About SpreeFiber – in their own words

“Any company operating their own or their customers’ network is faced with investments for upgrades or expansions. By now many end users and resellers have recognized that using compatible accessories not produced by original manufacturers, such as optical transceivers, OEM memory, and cables, can yield great savings. Especially compatible optical transceivers now see great acceptance in Europe. This results in many companies having learned the downside of cost savings: fluctuations in quality, sometimes unpredictable delivery times and inadequate and lengthy returns. Whilst savings are inviting the risks cannot be ignored, especially with mission critical networks. At Spree Fiber we try to minimize your risk, so you can buy your networking equipment free of worry and still save money.” (Source: SpreeFiber – About Us)  

See why SpreeFiber went with PeakOptical?

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