Naestved Municipality

Customer Background

Naestved Municipality is located in the south of Zealand Region in Denmark. It covers almost 700 km² and has a little more than 80.000 inhabitants. Among the biggest attractions are Gavnoe Castle and Herlufsholm School and Estate, which was founded in 1565 as a boarding school for “sons of noble and other honest men” by Birgitte Goeye and her husband Herluf Trolle on the site of a former Benedictine monastery from the 12th century. It is the oldest private bording school in Denmark. Naestved Municipality’s Center for IT and Digitalization facilitates approximately 14.600 users, such as staff and students, who use the Municipality’s IT systems, as well as citizens, who take advantage of the IT self-service offerings. PeakOptical transceivers make an important part of this infrastructure, securing fast and reliable data transmission from the data center to several remote locations.

Customer Statement

“Naestved Municipality has been using PeakOptical transceivers since 2010. We are happy with both the quality and price, and in most cases we receive a next day delivery. The 1G and 10G modules we use, simply get the job done in our HP and Cisco switches.”

Michael Stenberg

Network administrator, Naestved Municipality

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